Yea, that's right!

Multiplayer Internet games are going to be one of the most commonly used entertainment options and new alternatives to traditional gaming consoles.

"They're a good bet, precisely because they're an entertainment option," Donatiello said. "The era of Web-surfing is winding down. People want to do something on the Web, something that's fun and entertaining, rather than just looking at stuff."

Online gaming is picking up steam and it's appealing to baby-boomers, challenging the image that computer games are only for computer geeks.

"The popularity of video games with Baby Boomers reflects the increasing variety and sophistication of titles available and the appeal of entertainment with which users can interact and control," Interactive Digital Software Association President Douglas Lowenstein said.

"The Interactive Digital Software Association's fifth annual consumer survey uncovered that a significant proportion of people buying games are over thirty and almost half of gamers in the US are women," a Console Domain article reports. Thirteen percent are reported to be 50 or older. A wide age range revealing " that over half of the US has caught the gaming bug."



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