Baby Boomers playing video games...?

With the future focused on broadening bandwidth and improved hardware and software capabilities, the focus of the internet is changing as well. Not only is it growing at an unprecedented rate, but it is also changing to adapt to the desires of its users. Instead of being used strictly for reading documents and sending e-mail, advancing technology is giving rise to a whole new entertainment medium.

In an article from Red Herring Magazine online, it is predicted that what will drive Internet growth in the home in the near future is entertainment. Not online commerce or information retreival, but entertainment, which opens up huge opportunities for multiplayer gaming to broaden its appeal and send Sega and Playstation scrambling for solutions.

"Entertainment is the 6,000-pound gorilla in America's living rooms," says Nick Donatiello, CEO of Odyssey, a San Francisco market research firm that finds out what people want from technology in the home.

"[Multiplayer games are] a good bet, precisely because they're an entertainment option," he says. "The era of Web-surfing is winding down. People want to do something on the Web, something that's fun and entertaining, rather than just looking at stuff."



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