Cable, DSL? Doesn't matter.

Lag is something that every player will have, regardless of the connection speed and bandwidth. It is 100% impossible to assume that packets will take the same path and time to reach the server or client. Sometimes they arrive in the wrong order. Sometimes they don't arrive at all. But that is the beauty of the Internet. It was created upon the notion that bits of information could be disassembled into tiny packets, sent over a network, and reassembled at their destination. The disassembled packets are able to take different routes in traveling to their destination, making it virtually impossible for information to fail to reach its reassemblance point.

Lag will never be eliminated. Even as bandwidth increases and becomes more prominent, the structure and premise behind the inner workings of the Internet create a set of boundaries that cannot be overridden. So instead, the future of multiplayer gaming will focus more on software, hardware, modifications and working within the boundaries and capabilities of technology.



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