Try this with an Atari.

Even though most of the successful multiplayer games to date have pitted human players against each other, they don't necessarily have to. The benefits of human interaction in a multiplayer game are just as significant if the human players are working together. Two teams of five players each is equally exciting, adding a new dimension to the already dynamic gaming experience.

There are endless possibilities for multiplayer games involving both cooperation and competition among human players. Regardless of the scenario, when real people are involved, a certain blending of ideas takes place that just isn't possible with computer players. The door is wide open in finding new ways to interact and communicate with each other through online, multiplayer games.

Modern electronic gaming is an exciting area of computing. It challenges programmers and designers to create a realistic, immersive environment by pushing hardware and software to the limit. While it offers a new dimension to interactivity, designers are constantly struggling with latency and packet issues.



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