It's a whole new experience.

Even someone who is quite familiar with gaming consoles such as Nintendo, Playstation and Sega might be puzzled by the idea of gaming over the Internet. Besides, on a traditional gaming console, the only options are to play against the computer or against your friend. Granted four-player adapters are now available, it still falls short in comparison to Internet gaming where as many as 32 people can compete simultaneously in a virtual environment. With traditional gaming consoles, users are confined to competing against the person sitting closest to them. Online gaming is different, however.

Over the Internet, players may be separated by thousands of miles and and even several different time zones. The reality of going head-to-head with another person can change the whole perspective of a game. The industry has yet to develop a single-player game that evokes the same level of emotion and excitement that is generated from the human factor in a multiplayer game.

Arguably one of the more popular multiplayer (and single player, for that matter) games currently is Soldier of Fortune. It provides a 3D world with previously unheard-of realism and nonstop action. Add to this the ability to share the 3D world with other real people and it's not hard to see why this game is so compelling.


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