"The hunter becomes the hunted... You’re the world’s deadliest Soldier of Fortune and your mission is clear: survive. Track your prey across the globe in a series of secret missions to take down a fanatical terrorist organization... before it takes you down. Maintain your cover as a covert warrior in a startling variety of explosive missions - ranging from underhanded sabotage, to stealthy assassination, to full frontal assaults - where skill marks the difference between the hunter and the hunted. Welcome to the secret world of mercenary combat."

Based on the popular magazine of the same name, Soldier of Fortune is a hard-core action first-person shooter. Based on a heavily modified Quake II engine featuring Raven’s [manufacturer] own state-of-the-art GHOUL rendering system, Soldier of Fortune immerses the player in a fast-paced, story-driven roller coaster ride from beginning to end.

This considered, online gaming is the epitome of interactivity. It is in real-time and requires direct control from the user. As many as 32 users are able to compete against one another in a virtual environment from locations as distant as China. With technology advancing at such rapid rates, online capabilities that empower Web users abound.

This page focuses on multiplayer gaming via the Internet. Ping, latency, and file transfer are crucial not only to the gaming experience, but to the viability of the Internet as a whole. By using Soldier of Fortune as a slight backdrop in illustrating the process behind one of the hottest games on the market, hopefully it will make it seem more interesting and leave me with a practical use for such a time-consuming assignment.

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