Welcome to the Team Combat Headquarters forums.

In the near future, this page will be designated specifically for clan chats and general gaming topics. It will be used by members of the Team Combat Headquarters to talk about Soldier of Fortune, its latest news, files, and developments, as well as PC gaming in general. Having technical difficulties? The members forum will be the first place to turn.

Broad categories will include a public forum and a members forum. The public forum may be accessed by anyone who wishes to post general messages. Sub-categories will be located in the members forum, accessed by Soldier of Fortune clan members who have been given access.

A council of clan representatives-one from each clan-will decide who is given permission to join the Team Combat Headquarters. It's more democratic that way. Also, it gives the council the authority to accept and deny members who can aid and hinder the development of the Team Combat Headquarters.

Currently, it is not possible to establish a public forum without first registering a domain name. But a domain name and a dedicated server are being sought as well as advertisements to help compensate the dedicated server and effort of the webmaster. Cha-ching!

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