Welcome to the Soldier of Fortune Team Combat Headquarters.

This site is both multi-purposed and dynamic. It offers an extensive gaming resource for Soldier of Fortune while at the same time examining multiplayer online gaming and its future. Multiplayer online gaming is gaining momentum as technology continues to develop. File transfer and packet performance is essential to multiplayer interactivity as it can make or break the gaming experience.

Although the pages are somewhat void of content at this time (besides the "research" page), the intent is to create a Webpage that not only satisfies course requirements, but can be a practical resource for other Soldier of Fortune enthusiasts. Content is king, and as such, this page will strive to combine creativity and course requirements into a useful application that is not thrown by the wayside after the course ends.

For course requirements, please refer to the "Research" link. For an explanation as to what the Team Combat Headquarters is exactly, refer to the "Overview" link. For fun, refer to the others.

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