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It seems almost impossible lately to watch an entire television program without coming across that comical commerical heralding the dawn of a new era. The advertisement shows a typical American living room crowded with nervous, sweaty, and uncomfortable-looking bankers being interviewed, and systematically rejected, by none other then the very couple applying for the loan. Yet Lendingtree is not alone in echoing this bold statement. Other companies are also upholding the claim that that living room is the grim future of financiers nationwide. But what exactly is the status quo of the online financing world and what exactly does the future hold in store for it?

A quick breakdown of what is to come...

This online research project will attempt to dissect some of the answers to these questions and provide at least a glimpse of how this new Internet industry operates. The briefing has been divided into three primary chapters: state of the art, how it works, and the future. The first chapter, State of the art, discusses the primary benefits that online lending offers the average borrower as well as some of the issues that online financiers are facing to keep up with demand and the changing pace of the industry. How it works briefly breaks down the process of applying for a loan online. It also distinguishes between two main business models that these websites follow in running their operations. The final chapter, The future, wraps up the research project by taking a look at what lies ahead for the online personal financing industry.

The Works Cited section merely points out and links to the sources from which I obtained and cited my information. Finally, About the Author is a link to the author's homepage where one can find a snapshot of his life's accomplishments and ambitions. Feel free to Email the author at anytime. Comments would be greatly appreciated. Enjoy the project!

Links to some major online lenders

Provided below are links to some of the most well-known online lending institutions, should you decide to take a look for yourself. Who knows, you just may need a loan.

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