Consumers can now learn about home buying
and selling, can preview homes for sale, can research and compare mortgage products and submit electronic loan applications through secured channels on the Internet. There are Web sites that enable a buyer to prepare a contract for sale to make an offer to purchase. Persons relocating to a new city can search the Internet for crime statistics in a particular zip code, and preview pictures of homes in various parts of town, through the Internet before travelling to the new city to visit various properties. The expansion of information and services on the Internet has the potential to produce more informed consumers in the real estate industry. Business practices will change with technological changes, but because of many factors human involvement will remain an important part of this industry in the future. Consumers demand much more today from real estate agents. They want professionals to use new technology that will meet their needs. While some consumers are searching for homes online, others are intimidated by the technological information overload that the Internet possesses. Studies and surveys indicate that technology will complement, not replace real estate professionals in the future. Implementing new technologies to meet the needs of future buyers and sellers will be an important key to the success of real estate professionals in the future.

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