The Effects Online 'Zines Have Had on Print Magazines
Although there has been speculation about online publications taking over the print industry, experts from various publications say otherwise. They believe print and online publications compliment each other. They compliment each other in the sense that they use each other's medium to advertise to potential readers, by publishing ads or sometimes even providing a teaser of next month's issue on the sister publication. The cost of advertising is ridiculous, spending up to $1 billion, therefore having another publication available for use is crucial. They are also complementary in the sense that the online audience is not the same as the print audience, reading style wise. Online readers "spend five or seven minutes per visit. They look at five to seven pages. Nobody reads the issue online ever. People come to get questions answered. They come to read one news story. They come to get a stock quote. They come to seek one piece of information."(Gewecke) The prediction that online magazines were goint to take over the business was quickly shut down on September of 2000. By this date, some of the most famous and supposedly widely visited sites, like,, and, lost their luster. Around 2,000 to 5,000 online writers were out of a job, thereby dropping the notion that all online magazines would supposedly be successful.

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