Ethics and honesty go hand in hand. Public relations professionals must deliver information in an honest manner. Losing the public's trust means losing the public. Therefore, every situation encountered by a public relations practitioner must be handled in an ethical way.

An ethical code is an important guideline for any profession that deals with informing the public. Since there is no means of licensing available for public relations practitioners, many choose to apply for accreditation through the Public Relations Society of America. As part of this accreditation, members must adhere to the code of ethics issued by the PRSA.

My name is Aoife Cregan, and I am a public relations student at the University of Florida. I am also a member of the Public Relations Student Society of America. The purpose of this Web site is to determine what the term "ethics" means in relation to PR and why a code of ethics is important. The site also defines and interprets the PRSA's Code of Ethics.

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