Deciding if Napster is good or bad really depends on who you talk to. Many University of Florida students have different opinions. Some say it is bad because the artist is losing money. Some say it is good because they are saving money. Others say using Napster allows the consumer to preview before actually buying. A former local store owner disagrees. The following paragraphs are interviews with people with different stands on the issue.

Name: Natasha Hermansen
Age: 22
Occupation: Student
Verdict: For Napster

"I am for Napster because of certain reasons. To begin with, I won't have to pay as much when I buy a CD that may have two or three good songs. If I really like the CD, then I will purchase it anyways because the sound isn't always that good when I make CDs. Sure the artists aren't making that much money, but what people do not realize is that there are so many people out there without computers, access to the Internet or burners. I think the only reason I say this is because I am not an artist."

Name: Doug Mackle
Age: 24
Occupation: Software Instructor
Verdict: For Napster

"The reason I support Napster is because it is boosting the sales in my field. I know that sounds selfish, but we live in a world where it's survival of the fittest. If there is a product that is making another industry money, then people in that other industry that are benefiting from it will be happy. Right now, I am in that other industry."

Name: Juan Jorge Perez
Age: 21
Occupation: Law Student
Verdict: Against Napster

"Naspter is a clear violation of copyright law. I don't care how many excuses people try to come up with so they can get away with it. It's like working hard for your money and having someone steal it. But in this case, not just one person is stealing it-Millions are! That's a great deal of money these artist are losing."

Name: Kieth Ernst
Age: 29
Occupation: Former Blockbuster Music Manager
Verdict: Neutral

"I feel kind of wierd stating my answer because I am in the middle. I love getting all the new music for free, but I do understand where the bands like Metallica and Eminem are coming from. It's a difficult decision. It's like driving behind a Brinks armored truck and having all the money fly out of it into the street. What do you do? Keep on going or do like most other people and pick some of it up? The only reason I say that is because that actually happend in South Florida a couple of years ago."

Name: Doug Mackle, Sr.
Age: 64
Occupation: Retired Restaurant Owner
Verdict: For Napster

"Since I am now retired, I have more time to play on the computer and one of the things I have picked up on is Napster. I don't think it is that bad because from what I have heard, it actually has increased record sales lately, or so I've read. I have been able to get some old songs that are a little difficult to find in this day in age. So, no I don't think it's that bad."