Literature Review


The cited text references in this report were used as a guide to the background and history of nuclear power. Nuclear News provided insight on the history of the nuclear industry's interaction with the media. It gave examples of early studies similar to this one and what impact the results had on the industry as well as the media. Profiles in Power gave an in-depth look at the background of nuclear power from the beginning of the Atomic Age to what the author refers to as "the dawn of the solar age." This book was useful because it was not necessarily designed to be in support of nuclear power. Instead, it attacks nuclear power from both sides of the spectrum by giving accounts of positive and negative events that eventually shaped what nuclear power is today and what it is becoming. Power Generation and the Environment addressed the environmental issues related to nuclear power. The book discusses the technical procedures involved in making nuclear power and how they effect the surrounding environment in the short and long run. Television and Nuclear Power: Making the Public Mind was another book that discussed the media's role concerning public acceptance of nuclear power. It also gave various examples of studies and findings related to public perception.

Internet Information

Internet sites were also a major source of information related to nuclear power. Many websites offered up-to-date statistics and events regarding the nuclear industry. Even though the majority of the sites were sponsored by pro-nuclear organizations, they offered facts about nuclear power and then their opinion. However, almost half of the referenced sites listed were from anti-nuclear groups. The websites were in-depth and revealed extensive details related to what the public perceives about nuclear power, where they received their information and why they hold that opinion. Even though little information was found regarding the perceptions of actual college students, studies have been done on college graduates, which provided the closest connection to this report's topic.