The results of this project closely match those of other surveys associated with nuclear power. One survey conducted by the Nuclear Energy Institute discovered that safety and waste ranked high among the concerns of the public. The results of this study make the same conclusion.

Another study found in Nuclear News mirrored the results in this reports regarding the media's influence on the public. The survey in the book found that the media emphasizes the dangers of nuclear energy. It stated that anti-nuclear stories out number pro-nuclear stories by two to one on television and in news magazines. The survey used in this report discovered the same type of information because over three-fourths of the students said negative issues were being discussed when they heard about nuclear power from the media.

Obviously, numerous surveys and reports have been conducted to understand the public perception of nuclear power and how the media influences these perceptions. The conclusion in these studies all summarize by saying that the nuclear industry needs to address these issues and gain the trust and acceptance of the public through the media.