What Works?

What kind of advertising works online? The types of advertising used most often are not necessarily the most effective. According to a report by iboost.com, text links are over 86 percent more effective than banner links.

The following are some findings by Linkshare, the affiliate network.

Most Used Links (in order of most to least)

(Source: iBoost.com)


Success of Ad Links

TypeConversion Rate (Orders/Click-through)
Text Links 1.54%
Storefront Links 1.27%
E-mail Links 1.26%
Product Links 0.97%
Banner Links 0.81%
Search Box Links 0.59%

(Source: iBoost.com)


Bulk E-mail

Also Known as SPAM. The name says it all.

Nobody likes to receive junk E-mail. Bulk E-mail can create negative feelings toward the business sending the annoying mail and there is a good chance it will be deleted. Bottom line, it is a good way to lose potential customers.

Also, using Spam will not lead to repeat business. The site will be flooded with visitors the day of the mailing but business will soon die down and the site will have to resort to legitimate advertising after investing money in bulk E-mail software and mailing lists.

Another problem with Spam is that most Internet Service Providers are against it and may terminate users of this advertising device.


Pop-up Ads

There you are, minding your business and surfing the web, when, all of the sudden, a window pops up. As you try to close this intrusion, more appear, almost more rapidly than you can close them.

People are so annoyed by this practice that Top9.com, a Web rankings and search directory, has begun rating the sites most guilty of this annoyance.

You can download Advertising Killer, a small program that searches for advertisement pop-up windows and closes them, at cnet.com.


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