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Janice Abrew

Theme parks are using the Internet more than ever before. They, along with the entire tourism industry, have had to adjust to increasing technology and the growing demand for up-to-date information from travelers. The theme park sector of the tourism industry is largest in Orlando, Florida where competition is intense amongst attractions. Theme parks such as Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World are competing for the tourists' time and money. Now that short length stays are more popular, people only visit the attractions they have time to go to.

These three competitors have managed to stay on top of the theme park industry in Orlando because of strategic public relations and marketing. One of the tools they use in their efforts is online publicity. Disney, Universal and Sea World all use their Web sites to promote special events and new attractions. They also use the Internet to provide updated information for potential travelers surfing the Web in search of vacation ideas.

Theme parks also target their online audiences through other Web sites as connecting links., for example, is a Web site about the City of Orlando. This site includes links to different Orlando-based companies including the three popular theme parks in the city.

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