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Janice Abrew

The hospitality industry includes venues ranging from hotel chains to luxurious resorts. Today, all types of venues are catching up with technology and using the Internet as a marketing tool to increase visibility and business. Hotel chains like Days Inn have set up comprehensive Web sites that include locations, pictures, services and reservation information. Individual hotels have also set up their own Web sites within these chains focusing on independent publicity efforts.

Hospitality Web sites focus mostly on providing a positive image of the hotel or resort through pictures. People online gather first impressions about hotels from their Web sites. Therefore, it is crucial that their Web sites are attractive as well as informative. Pictures seem to be very important when looking for hotels online because they are the closest thing to being there. Luxurious resorts have an advantage over hotels and motels because of their big names and the natural beauty of their locations. It is easier to market a visual of a beautiful suite with ocean view than a Double bedroom with an interstate in front of it.

Hotel and resort chains also allow travelers to search through their Web sites for specific hotels in the location they may be going to. Visitors can search for area hotels and make reservations online without even having to pick up the phone. This proves that convenience is key when using the Internet in the hospitality industry.

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