good behavior|research

Over 1,000 inmates were evaluated for this project. The Florida Department of Corrections has a website ( that allows the general public to search offenders that are housed within their facilities.

Ashanti, Jerome, and Jason discussing a shoot

The idea was to select some inmates in Florida prisons, determine their release date, and follow them as they go through the transition back into society. The main criteria included: the release date, the length of sentence, the residence after release, and the severity of the crime committed.

Over 100 letters were mailed to inmates. Only thirteen responses were received. Many of the responses were really insightful and thought provoking. Some inmates wanted to know if they would be compensated for their time (of course, we don't have any money to hand out). Others asked questions like "who is the audience for this film?". We felt that some of the letters in a way charged us to become better student filmmakers.