good behavior|crew

The crew consists of three graduate students in the Documentary Institute at the University of Florida. They are all co-producers and all final decisions are made after they collectively come to a group conclusion.

Jason Osder, Writer/Director

Jason is the writer / director. He is primarily responsible for writing the final script and directing individual shoots. He has also written several versions of our everchanging visual treatment. The concept for this project began as one of Jason's idea, which has now evolved into a collective effort.

Won-Hwan Oh, Photographer/Editor

Won-Hwan Oh is the director of photography and editing. He is extremely dedicated and has an eye to shoot a scene in such a way that the viewers should easily be able to understand the messages and metaphors intended. Won-Hwan is also responsible for organizing the equipment and tapes used, as well as maintaining tape logs for the project.

Ashanti Allen, Researcher/Web Designer

Ashanti is the director of research and web design. She has been primarily responsible for finding inmates who fit into the proper criteria to become subjects. She also has become the primary interviewer on the shoots, and maintains the research notebook.