good behavior|key characters


Jerome is the main character of the piece. The entire story is based on his journey after prison, and his ability to pick up the pieces of his life. Jerome is pictured above in the first and second photos.


Angelina met Jerome one day as he stood in front of a car shop with some of his friends. The two began to date, and three weeks later Jerome moved into Angelina's house.


Sherrell is Jerome's teenage daughter. The last time that the two saw one another was right before Jerome was incarcerated. Sherrell was eight. Now, she is facing one of the most difficult realities of life. On this issue, Sherrell and her father do not see eye to eye.


Sherrell's grandmother (her mother's mom) has been an inspirational motivator for Jerome. She would often send him photographs and letters that encouraged him to pray and to maintain a strong relationship with the Lord.

beverly roberts

Beverly works for an organization called PRIDE. The organization has many functions. Beverly's job is to assist with the resocialization of prisoners after they've been released. She made many arrangements for Jerome prior to his release that have assisted in him having a smoother transition.


Leonard is one of Jerome's friends and co-workers. The two ride to work together, and Leonard adds his own humor to the piece.