foosball table

Foosball Styles of Play

There are two main styles for playing foosball: spin and non-spin. For competitive foosball, the rules state that the row of foosballers cannot make a complete 360 degree turn. Otherwise, any goals scored by "spinning" does not count.

However, many players who play foosball for fun don't mind spinning the bars. In fact, it makes for a faster, more entertaining game and can be fun to try to keep up with the ball.

The disadvantages of spinning are not knowing exactly where the ball might end up. Of course, you can use that to your advantage and hope the ball goes you opponent's goal.

Spinning the rods does not allow players to have as much control of their shots and results in less defense and more offense.

Either way, both styles of play are fun and work. It just all depends on player preference.