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Mouse Cloud Black Cow

You never really notice the clouds at night. They’re just something else to take for granted like street lights or the sound of crickets. Well actually clouds aren’t like those things because with the latter objects you notice them when they’re not there, but how often have you looked up at the night sky, when you weren’t taking it for granted or doing something cliché like admiring the constellations, and noticed the seemingly cloudless night sky? Well I noticed the clouds tonight, only briefly, but nevertheless they were noticed. I think it’s because they (at least the particular cloud I noticed) retained the fluffiness that usually characterizes them during the day but somehow seems to dissipate when the sun goes down. This cloud seemed unusually bright too. I don’t want to say it was white, grey would be more appropriate, with the ebony opaqueness of the sky mixing and mingling with the ivory of the cloud to form this pewterish color. It reminds of the color of a mouse, so that’s what I’ll call it. Me and my mouse cloud, the unfairly pleasant night breeze—not too much humidity—and Steely Dan’s “Black Cow”.