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A Bit of History

Prior to the invention of the printing press, manuscripts and written records were recorded on walls, bricks, and wood. In ancient Africa and other more advanced civilizations such as in Greece and Rome, scrolls were used by royalty, theologians, historians, and the elite to record information for future generations. Word of mouth and storytelling was the the primary method by which information was passed on from person to person and generation to generation. Books were made of vellum, however this material was too expensive and fragile to mass produce.

Gutenberg's 1450 invention of the printing press forever changed the cultural landscape and made reading and writing a viable option for the masses.The Gutenberg Bible was Gutenberg's most famous undertaking, with two hundred being printed

The truth about Books

Truth is, book writing is hard. Getting someone to read your book is even harder. Making a large amount of money from your book? getting colder still, and making it to the the best sellers list? Let's just say quitting your day job in hopes of becoming the next J.K. Rowling isn't the smartest idea. According to Henry Willis author of Earth's Future Climate in How to Make Money by Writing a Book there are 50,000 books published in the United States each year and of these only 20 become best sellers. This translates into a 1 in 2500 chance of your book making it to the best seller list! Additionally with the explosion of the digital revolution and changing cultural and social climate, reading in itself has been on a steady decline for many years now and is showing no signs of picking back up. Here are some alarming statistics courtesy of parapublishing.com website of book writing and publishing master Dan Poynter:

So Why Write A Book?

All in all statistics can be pretty bleak, leading one to reconsider investing the necessary time, energy, and money into such a potentially unfulfilling undertaking. However the reward for many is greater than the cost. Seeing one's thoughts and ideas, one's vision for the future or particular recipe, or one's ideas about the current state of America's leadership, or even about childrearing, book writing is a rewarding experience that can lead to many positive things. It's simply a matter of keeping one's expectations realistic and believing in yourself!