Basic directions for a spiral t-shirt

After you have gathered all of the supplies that are needed, itís time to master the art. The video will take you through each step or you can check out the basic directions below.

  1. Make sure that you have a clean white t-shirt and that your dyes are mixed. If you have powder dyes, you need to pour water into the bottles.
  2. Cover the surface you are working on and wear rubber or plastic gloves. The dyes will stain many materials.
  3. Read the directions that came with the dye that you bought. Some require that you soak your t-shirt in hot water (about 105 degrees). More likely, youíll need to dissolve one cup of soda ash fixer per gallon of warm water.
  4. Lay the t-shit on a flat surface and pinch the middle. Twist the remaining fabric around until you have a tight bundle and stretch a few rubber bands around it.
  5. Now, place the bundle into a bucket of water and let it saturate for about five or 10 minutes. Squeeze out extra water.
  6. Make sure you follow the direction of your dyes. You may need to wash the shirt immediately, or tie it up in a plastic bag and let it sit overnight.
  7. Lastly, you can remove the shirt from the bag and rinse out all excess dye. You can then start to make the water warmer as you remove the rubber bands. Once the water runs clear, throw your creation in the washing machine for a full cycle on cold.

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