Circles and squares

If you feel comfortable with the basic idea of tie dying, try out a different design. Follow all of the steps on the previous page, but replace steps four through six with these directions.

Concentric circles

  1. Pinch the center of your t-shirt and drape the fabric down from the axis.
  2. Smooth the t-shirt down, and try to make the vertical folds fairly evenly spaced. It should resemble a folded umbrella.
  3. Wrap a rubber band about two inches or so from the tip. Wrap one rubber band at two-inch intervals from the tip until all cloth is used.
  4. Squirt dye liberally until there is little white fabric still showing.


  1. Lay cloth on a flat surface and fold the sleeves in.
  2. Now start at the bottom and pinch small pleats that are about an inch or two long until the fabric is completely pleated. It should resemble a folded accordion.
  3. Now use the same technique, but this time you turn the long folded t-shirt vertically as you fold.
  4. Once you have a box-like pleated t-shirt, wrap a few rubber bands around it.
  5. Squirt two sides of the fabric with a different color for each side.