Solving the top-middle pieces of your cube.

Here you're going to learn how to solve the four pieces between the corners on the top of your Rubik's Cube. Each of the videos that you'll find below will show you a different technique for moving a piece you want into the slot that you want it in. Remeber, in all the videos on Totally Cubed, Gabe solves, or is assumed to solve, the white side first, meaning the white side will always be the top.

From the center to a top-middle slot

So you have all your corners in the right place? OK, Now it's time to fill in those spaces between the corners.

There's a piece in the middle row that would fit one of those middle slots, so why don't we use that piece to cpnquer your first top-middle space.

From the third row to the top-middle

OK, same problem as above, you have a top-middle piece that needs fixing, only this time the savior square is in the third row.

The moves are getting more complicated, but just follow along, everything will be just fine.

From the bottom to the top-middle slot

Now you've got one more middle space to fix on the top of the cube. You look at all four of the cube's sides, but all you see are the wrong colors. Then you look at the bottom of the cube and you realize it's time... It's time to put a bottom piece into a top-middle space.