Solving the top corners of your cube.

OK, here you're going to learn how to solve the first four corners of your Rubik's Cube. Each of the videos that you'll find below will show you a different technique for moving a piece you want into the slot that you want it in. Remeber, in all the videos on Totally Cubed, Gabe solves, or is assumed to solve, the white side first, meaning the white side will always be the top.

The first corner

This is the easiest move of them all, but just in case you're staring blankly at your cube with no corners solved, here's how you solve the first one.

Once you've found and positioned the first corner, you'll be ready for the next move. I promise, they won't all be this easy.

The corner rotation

Now that you've used up your easy corner, it's time to move on to more complicated maneuvers.

This move is for when you have a corner piece in the proper position, but the wrong color of the piece is facing up, so you need to rotate it. Hence, the corner rotation.

Third row out

So you have a piece in the third row, facing outward and you need to move it up to the side you're trying to solve. No problem. This move will get that piece into the corner where it belongs.

A piece facing down

Here's a tricky one, you've found a piece, and you know it goes in the corner of the side that you're trying to solve.

The piece might even be in the proper corner already... except it's on the opposite end of the side of the cube that you're trying to solve. No problem.