Let's get this show on the road.

You've got your cube in hand, itching to start shifting squares. Your tiles are all messed up, you just need help straightening them out, right? Well, mixing up a cube will always make the colors appear in random places, so solving the cube won't techincally work in exactly the same way. However, under each category to the left you'll find instructional videos that will show you the moves that will always work and are essential for solving the cube.

Gabe Saslafsky, our resident cube master.

Our resident cube master, Gabriel Saslafsky, will be explaining each move to you in the videos you'll find in each category. So, let's take a moment to meet our cube master.

Gabe is a student at the University of Florida. After about a month of learning different solution techniques, Gabe can now set up and solve any Rubik's Cube scenario. As will you, with a little practice. So, let's get started.