Solving the middle row.

Wow, you've already solved the first side? Well you're a long way from done. If you're here, then you must need help solving the middle rows. Well, that's what you'll learn to do in the videos below. Remeber, in all the videos on Totally Cubed, Gabe solves, or is assumed to solve, the white side first, meaning the white side will always be the top.

Solving the center row, part 1

Solving the middle row of the cube is a little tough, so it's separated into two parts for easier consumption. Take a look, give it a shot and just keep reminding yourself, you're almost done.

Solving the center row, part 2

You're halfway through solving the middle row. Here's how to solve the rest of it. This video requires that you've already watched the one above, as these are pretty intimately tied together. So if you haven't watched part 1, go do that now.