So you wanted to solve a Rubik's Cube...

A cube that needs fixing.

And you thought it would be easy. After all, you're a pretty smart cookie. Only now you can't solve it and you're thinking about tearing off the stickers and making it look like you can.

Maybe you have better impulse control, so you're only thinking of leaving the cube for someone to solve for you.

Problem is, someone is going to ask you how you solved it, or they're going to mess up your perfect cube. (After all, it's so tempting.)

That's where Totally Cubed comes in. We're here to make sure you can solve your cube. The colors on your cube won't always land in the same position when you shuffle it, but there are some essential techniques that will let you solve a Rubik's Cube every time, no matter what puzzling scenarios you might encounter while you're doing twisting and turning your cube.

For those of you who want to know a little more about the cube, I've scrounged together a short history of its creation, as well as some other forms of the perplexing piece of plastic.

So limber up with some finger yoga and get ready to learn the greatest party trick this side of turning water into wine.