Welcome to Do-It-Yourself Car Care:

The largest investment, next to purchasing a home, is the purchase or lease of an automobile. A car or truck has immense value which can stay the same or drop dramatically, all depending on how it is cared for. Automobiles these days have become extremely complex machines yet many maintenance procedures are still easy and quick to perform by anyone.

In visiting this Web site you will gain the tools and knowledge to be able to better care for your vehicle while eliminating needless trips to the mechanic. There are simple yet important procedures you can do that will reduce the amount you pay your mechanic as well as extend the life of your vehicle. Simply by routinely checking your oil level you can easily identify any possible leaks as well as keep your engine well lubricated. Throughout the site you will learn how to check and fill the major fluids that keep your vehicle running as well as how to change a flat tire, an invaluable skill in and of itself.