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Wiper Fluid

Wiper fluid is not an essential ingredient to the performance of your engine or any of its components. Wiper fluid is more of a fluid of convenience then necessity.WiperYour wiper fluid reservoir is relatively simple to locate and the level is easy to check. The larger portion of the reservoir is usually not in complete view as it is a system that does not rely on an exact amount to perform correctly, the reservoir can me molded to fit into any available space. Each reservoir is different on each model of vehicle. To check the level of the wiper fluid simply look at the side of the reservoir or open the cap and look into the reservoir.

Checking the wiper fluid level is not a task that needs to be done at a scheduled interval and does not need to be changed like the other fluids. Since you dont need wiper fluid to operate your vehicle it is a fluid you can do without, unless you hit alot of bugs going down the highway.

Types of Wiper Fluid

There are many different types of wiper fluids on the market, each one performs the same basic task of cleaning the bugs and dirt off of your windshield. When purchasing a type of wiper fluid you must consider the conditions in which your vehicle will be operated. If you live in a warmer climate you don't need a fluid that is rated to work in below freezing temperatures. If you live in an area with considerable insect populations you may want to purchase a wiper fluid that has extra cleaning agents to help remove stubborn bugs. When adding a wiper fluid simply just pour into the reservoir. There is no need to flush out the system when adding a different type of fluid then what is already in the reservoir.

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