How To Give The Perfect Manicure

It's time to get your hands and fingernails looking healthy and clean. You can give yourself or a friend a great manicure with just five easy steps!

The tools needed for a manicure are:

Salt or Sugar, Liquid Hand Soap, Moisturizing Cream, Towels, Cuticle Stick, Cuticle Cutter, Nail Buffer, Nail File and Nail Clippers.

Optional items: Nail Polish Remover, Nail Polish, Base Coat, and Topcoat.

The Five Easy Steps

  1. Exfoliate and Moisturize Skin- In the sink, mix liquid hand soap and either salt or sugar together and rub the mixure around hands and wrists for 1-2 minutes. Rinse with warm water. Next, rub baby oil over hands, followed by the moisturizing cream and wrap hands in plastic wrap. Warm towels with hot water to wrap around plastic wrap and relax for 10 minutes.
  2. Cuticle Care- Take a cuticle stick and gently push cuticles towards the base of the nail. Cuticles should be moistened arleady and should be easy to push back. Use cuticle cutter to trim off extra cuticle around the base.
  3. File and Shape Nails- Use nail clippers to cut nails to medium-length. Next, use a nail file to shape the nail. Start from one side and file towards the top of the nail, then file from the other side towards the top until you get a nice rounded, smooth tip.
  4. Buff Nails- Use a nail buffer to brush over the width of the nail back and forth several times until the nail is smooth. Also, run the buffer along top of nails to smooth any missed rough edges.
  5. Polish Nails- Optional- Use three strokes to polish nails: one on each side of nail brushing from the base up, and then one stroke down the center of the nail. Brush as evenly as possible. Start with a base coat to keep the nail from yellowing. Wait 5 minutes. Next, apply polish color in two coats. Wait 2 minutes inbetween each coat of polish. And lastly, apply a topcoat on the tips of nails in a side-to-side motion to prevent chipping and then use the 3-stroke technique to cover entire nail.

Let the nails dry for about 30 minutes and enjoy!

Tip Box

Before applying polish, use vinegar on a cotton ball to dehydrate the nail. This will make the nail more "thirsty" for the base coat.(1)