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>Before You Begin


-Invest in the right equipment: buy comfortable shoes that fit your feet and provide balance; find comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely.

-Visualize your goal

-Think positive and block out negative thoughts

-Running provides numerous psychological and physical benefits

Before you begin training for your marathon, you will need to sit down and outline a list of goals for yourself. Make a checklist of things to accomplish, such as investing in a good pair of running shoes and ensuring that you have comfortable running clothes, knowing what foods to buy, and making a schedule for when you are going to begin training. If you feel prepared, you are more likely to succeed in your training period, and therefor succeed on the day of the marathon, as well.

Selecting running shoes can make all the difference in your run. For information about how to find the right shoe for you, view the video below:

Mentally preparing yourself to begin training for a marathon is a big breakthrough in the training process. When training for a marathon, psychological preparation is just as important as physical training. Here are some quick and easy ways to establish and maintain your motivation in the weeks leading up to a marathon:

Visualization: set aside time throughout the week to relax and visualize running the marathon and crossing the finish line. Create a motivational image or idea that works for you, and don't lose sight of this. Try to engage other senses that would help establish the feeling of achieving your goal. Visualization is an important step, because it can help you through whatever obstacles you may come across during your training period.

Think Positive: be aware of negative thoughts creeping into your mind and stop them in their tracks. Instead, try thinking positive and use running as a way to eliminate the stresses in everyday life. The more you remain positive and steadfast in your goals, the easier - and more enjoyable - you will find the training period to be. If it helps, find an inspiring quote and use it as a reaffirmation of your goals and progress so far.

It is not uncommon to become discouraged and lose your motivation at some point in your training period. Do not let this stop you from achieving your goal! Surround yourself with positive, inspirational things, and find something that will increase your intensity and desire to finish a marathon.

Remember all the benefits that running will provide for your physical and psychological health, and how great it will feel to cross the finish line!

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