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Erica Brumer
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What made you decide to run a marathon? - "I decided to run a marathon as an incentive to keep me in shape and active. I started pharmacy school this year, so having a goal to finish at the end of the semester is good motivation to get me up and running at the end of every day."

What steps did you take to begin your training period? - "I started training at the beginning of the semester, and I am running my marathon in the beginning of January. I joined a running club in Gainesville to keep me on track and make sure that I was progressing at an appropriate level. At first it was challenging, but as my training went on the miles got easier to finish."

How has training affected you both physically and mentally? - "I don't do weight training, but I know that it would help if I did. Training has made me more aware of my body in general, like which muscles get sore after which runs. Since I try to do two short runs, a mild run, and a long run per week, I am now way more conscious about what I eat and when, and how much sleep I get. It also makes it easier to increase my time managements skills in regard to my schoolwork, because I can't slack anymore since I have more responsibilities."

How do you stay motivated? - "Joining a club really helped with my training. We do group runs every Saturday morning, so that provided a great base for my training schedule. And because I am flying to Arizona for the marathon, that helps me stay motivated, too."

Jessica Rogozinski
the rogozinskis

What made you decide to run a marathon? - "I decided to run a marathon when my cousin, Laura, signed up. I thought it would be a great way to get in shape and a great accomplishment to achieve."

How did you go about the training process? Was it difficult for you to get started? - "The first step was becoming comfortable running a mile and a half, and after that the rest fell into place and my body got used to it. I found some training schedules online and combined them to make a 24-week schedule that fit my lifestyle. The routine recommends that we take one day off a week to cross train, so I integrated yoga and walking into my training. From time to time I'll do weights, but I only work out my arms."

As a beginner, what was the most difficult part of adjusting your lifestyle to fit the needs of the training program? - "Getting used to the long runs was difficult. I primarily only run, and when I train I just try to finish the distance goal, not necessarily any specific time. It was hard to accept that I couldn't run 13 miles in a certain amount of time, but gradually, I was able to maintain consistent 10-minute miles. Two days a week are shorter runs, one is medium, and one is long. The day after the longest run is always a rest day. At first, we all trained together, but eventually I started running alone because it was easier. Laura and I do the longest runs together."

How has the training program changed your life- for the good or bad? - "Training for this marathon has made me more aware of what and when I eat and drink and how much sleep I get. I cannot run if I'm hung over, sick or overtired. It wasn't hard to adjust my lifestyle, but it is something that you have to be consciously aware of and you have to make time for in your day. Recently, it is a bigger time commitment because the distances have increased so much."

What tips do you have for other beginners? - "Do your homework! Before we started training, we did our homework. We asked questions to everyone who we knew had previously finished a marathon. We got advice, checked out Web sites and read all of the tips. Whenever we encountered problems, we tried to work through them. If we were sore, we tried to figure out why; we began stretching more and we increased our water intake, because we were tired without it. Over time, we realized what needed to be done to perform better."

"It is also helpful to be aware of your goals- we researched routes in Gainesville and try to run different routes weekly so that we have something else to look at. It also helps to clock distances in our cars. We also found a triathalon meeting and went to it to find out where we should do the longer runs."

Laura Rogozinski
the rogozinskis

What made you decide to run a marathon? - "I've always said that I wanted to finish a marathon and triathalon, so I decided why not now? I'm only going to get into worse shape. I started thinking about training over the summer, but actually began the physical training at the beginning of the semester. The marathon is in February of 2009, so that gave me 24 weeks to train."

What were some of the first stages in your training process? -"I first went and talked to one of the triatholon coaches here at UF to get his insight about running. I also e-mailed some people I knew that had run marathons and asked how they trained. Now, I follow a collaboration of training programs, but mostly follow one that is easily accessible online. Usually I try to follow a schedule: Monday- rest; Tuesday- Mild Run (3-4 miles); Wednesday- Moderate Run (5-7 miles); Thursday- Mild Run (3-4 miles); Friday- rest; Saturday- Yoga and Bike Ride; Sunday- Long Run (13-20 miles)."

What lifestyle changes have you made in order to further your success during your training period? - "I usually work out a lot, but now other than running, I don't do much and I certainly don't go to the gym. I try not to go out before the long runs or at least not be too tired. I really try on focus on pacing because I found that is key to finishing."

How has training affected you, both physically and mentally? - "Training has made me a lot more focused on time management. It also makes me a lot more health conscious. Setting a goal like finishing a marathon, I think it helps me to stay focused on a lot of other aspects in my life. Ususally I would make excuses for not going to the gym, but now I know I have to be active. Now that I am training with Jessica, I know that she is counting on me, so its not worth it to slack."

What tips do you have for other beginners? - "There are a lot of great websites that can map a bunch of runs for you. Also, just clocking it in your car and asking around for tips from other experienced marathon runners really helps. I will admit that it's not very fun to train for, but I can't wait to actually run it and finish!"

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