Use Flashlight

"Don’t use your flashlight at night if possible; use your flashlight in a bright sunny day." That’s the advice that I often give to people who saw me taking photos at night without the flashlight and ask, “no flashlight”? Some people have asked me, “how did you take a photo without using the flashlight”?

The secret is really simple. Boost up the ISO, slow down the shutter speed, and open the aperture as wide as you can. To understand what I just talked about, you can go to the “History” page to look them up.

If you are shooting a picture at night and just have a simple point-and-shoot camera, and you can’t adjust the setting manually, then use the flashlight.

My focus here is to tell you that it’s important to use flashlight in a bright sunny day. Please take a look of the photo on your right. I used the flashlight to fill the shadow on that guy’s face. If I didn’t use the flashlight, his face would look very dark, and there won’t be much details on his face.

Then, there are people would say, “I’d just have to turn the subject facing the Sun, and his face would not have shadow.” While that’s true, there are few reasons I don’t recommend you to do that.

Thus, whenever you can, turn your subject back to the Sun and use the flashlight to take a photo of him/her. This way, your subject would be comfortable to look at your camera, and you would have great details in your photo.