Find different angle

Hold you camera up high

Why you need to have a different angle to see the picture?

Why? It is simply to make the photo looks interesting. For most people, a photo is judged whether good or not is by how interesting the subject in the photo or how interesting the photo it self to the viwer. However, since we are not photojournalists, the photos we often take are friends, families, or just ourselves. Thus, it is important to find a different angle to take a picture to be more interesting.


Hold your camera high

There are in fact six different sides of a subject that you can take a picture of: front, back, left, right, top, and bottom. But in here, we will only focus on one side: top. Why? Because taking pictures from a high position is one of the easiest ways to make the photo look interesting.

All you have to do is to hold your camera as high as you can, and then take a photo of the subject or person. Make sure you are using the widest zoom of your lens. You donít have to look into your viewfinder when you take the picture. This technique is also a guessing game. You would have to guess if your camera is aiming the subject. If you donít like the first picture, make a metal notice and take another one. I some times would even stand on a chair or table to get even higher.

You donít always have to take this kind of photos. maybe if you took three photos of a same person, you might consider use this technique to make your photo look interesting.