The "lingo"

Ultimate Frisbee, like most sports, has a language of its own. Even beginners should consider brushing up on some of the terminology of the sport; it makes the sport easier to understand, and it provides a common means of communication between Ultimate players everywhere.

Below are some of the more obscure terms in the Ultimate Frisbee glossary:

A player flicks the disc.

"Pull." The pull refers to the initial throw-off that begins the game-play. Players begin by lining up on opposite sides of the field, and the defensive team "pulls" the disc by launching it across to the offensive team. The game begins.

"Guarding." Guarding refers to playing defense within three meters of another player and attempting to stop the player from making a completed pass. A defensive player guarding a passer is known as a "marker."

"Flicking." A front-handed flick is a type of pass in which a passer grips the disc with two fingers and flings it with a snap of the wrist -- without curling it across his/her body.

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