Ultimate Frisbee is self-officiated (by the judgment of those playing), and occasionally things get out of hand. so it is on the players to make the call. Below is a list of common fouls you should look out for:

One Ultimate Frisbee player accidentally hits another in the face during a game.

Making any physical contact with another player, involving slapping, bumping, or pushing. (Ultimate is non-contact!)

Stripping the disc from a passer's hand before it has left his/her possession.

"Picking" another player. Picking involves purposefully using your body to obstruct a defensive player from guarding an offensive player. It's like getting in the way, on purpose.

Traveling. While you aren't allowed to run with the disc, you are allowed one pivot foot to position yourself for a throw. However, you cannot pivot on both feet - otherwise you could simply walk down the field!

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