The rules of Ultimate Frisbee are fairly simple: pass the disc from player to player, and the passer (the player holding the disc) may not move while he or she is looking for someone to pass to.

A player makes a spectacular catch while leaping in the air.

If for any reason a team does not complete a pass (i.e., a bad throw, a missed catch, or a block or interception by the defense), the disc is immediately turned over to the defense, who now becomes the offense and tries to score by passing it among their team members.

However, there are a lot of other things to keep in mind while playing the game.

There are specific rules about scoring, teams, penalties, and various Ultimate Frisbee terms, which is vital information to every Ultimate Frisbee player.

For more information about specific regulations (if you want to stick to the rules more closely) check out the Ultimate Players Association Web site, which has everything a more serious Ultimate Frisbee player needs to know.

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