Shooting the basketball is one of the most difficult parts of the game. It takes a lot of focus and concentration just to make one shot. The only time a jump shot is easy is in practice. During a game the defender is covering you close and any slight change in your shooting motion can affect your shot. So it is very important that a shooter gets extremely comfortable with their shooting motion. You got to work on it as if to make it second nature or an instinctive reflex's.

Work on Your Form

A perfect form jump shot

Your form is very important in forming a routine shot or set shot. Before you even set up to shoot your shot you have to relax. Remember your shooting should feel more like a reflex then trying to solve a physics problem. Now that you're relaxed set your feet about a foot apart and try to balance your body weight evenly on the balls of your feet. Next you want to grab the ball by each side with your fingers spread.

Then you'll want to prepare to lift the ball above your head by moving your shooting hand below the ball and using your off hand for control. At the same time you'll bend your knees and prepare to jump. Jump and use your legs and arms strength to shoot the ball. Lock your knees and elbows and with a flick of the wrist the ball flies out of your hand. Make sure to use your fingers to guide the ball in the direction of the goal. Release the ball at the peak of your jump for a better arc in your shot.

releasing ball

Jump Shots

If you ever watched a pickup game or basketball game I bet you noticed that the jump shot is the most commonly used shot in the game. It's the easiest shot to shoot, yet it's one of the most difficult shots to make. According to Reed Chapman, a semi-professional basketball player, "A good jump shooter always believes he can make every shot." He goes on to emphasize that practice is the only way to perfect your shot. Mr. Chapman said, "He spends an hour practicing his shot every day." Shooting is one of the most difficult basketball skills to learn and it takes a lot of practice to master. In fact, only a handful of NBA players have ever shot around 50%. If you could make above 40% of your jump shots you would be considered one of the better shooters in the game.