Tips in how to improve your dribbling

First when dribbling try to learn how to dribble with your head up and keep your eyes on the court looking out for open teammates ready to score. If you're playing one-on-one try and keep your eyes looking at your opponents eyes. This way the defender never get any early signals of which way you might be going by looking at your eyes. Moreover when you dribble without looking down at the ball you give yourself more opportunities to do something positive with the ball.

Ball Control

Another helpful tip to learn is dribbling with your fingertips not your hands. It's alright to use the palm of your hands sometimes, but it's a good habit to just dribble with your fingers. Keep your fingers spread for more control and bend your wrist it will help in directing the ball where you want it to go. To improve your ball control try to maintain a low center of gravity for balance by always keeping your knees bent and your back straight. This position will also enable you to move quickly and make quick decisions.

Hand and Eye Coordination

Finally, you want to really practice on being able to dribble well with either hand. You want to be able to dribble as well with your right hand as your left hand and vice versa. This is very important because if the defender realizes that you dribble predominantly with one hand over the other a good defender will quickly adjust and play you to your strong side and eventually neutralizing your strength.

Ball Handling

Here is a tip on how to learn to do tricks with the ball such as the between the legs dribble. Once you practice the basic tips you can add more advance moves to your dribbling skills. A good way to change the ball from one arm to the other is the between the leg dribble. It's a quick move that also looks cool on the court. Start by lowering your center of gravity and keeping the ball close to the floor. Then place the free arm with your fingers spread out on the side with your legs spread also. Finally with the arm your dribbling move your hand to the side of the ball and force the ball between your legs and use your free arm to catch the ball and continue dribbling.