Cheesecake's History

776 B.C.

Cheesecakes, called libum, were served to athletes during the first Olympic games on the Isle of Delos¹.

200 B.C.

Marcus Porcius Cato, a Roman politican, wrote a De re Rustica and included a recipe for a cake similar to cheesecakes².

1000 A.D.

Cheesecake was brought to Great Britain and Western Europe by Roman armies¹.


William Lawrence tried to reproduce a French cheese called Neufchatel, but instead he created what we know today as cream cheese. He distributed it in foil wrappers and soon named it Philadelphia Cream Cheese².


The Pheonix Cheese Company of New York bought Lawrence's business and the Philadelphia trademark².


James L. Kraft invented pasteurized cheese, which lead to the development of pasteurized Philadelphia Brand cream cheese, which was bought by Kraft Cheese Company in 1928².


Arnold Reuben, owner of the Turf restaurant, claimed that he developed the first cake made of cream cheese, which was developed from a cheese pie recipe³.

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