Aunt Susan's Cheesecake


This cheesecake recipe originally belonged to my Aunt Susan, and it has been in her family for years. When she passed away 15 years ago, my mom took on the role of passing on the recipe. We make this cheesecake every year on Thanksgiving in her memory. We haven't changed the recipe at all in the past two decades, and we don't plan on changing it because everyone loves it!

My entire family is from New York and this recipe helps keep my immediate family connected to our relatives. Recently, my family got together on the anniversary of Aunt Susan's death. My cousins and I made the cheesecake and we shared our favorite memories of her while we ate it. Her passion for cooking and baking lives on through her recipes that we make in her memory. I dedicate this site to her, and I hope that your family enjoys Aunt Susan's cheesecake as much as my family does!