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New age venture financing in renewable energy

Today's innovators in renewable energy are increasingly faced with a monetary dilemma. As in other industries, access to capital is harder to obtain amidst a sluggish global economy. The potential resulting hindrances on innovation, particularly in renewable energy, are too significant to ignore for society and the world at large. Entrepreneurs in any of the major renewable energy sectors currently (or soon to be) raising capital, you've found a new friend. Enjoy this interactive manual on how your firm can secure the funding necessary to bring your world-changing ambitions into fruition.

The general lending climate will likely free up. But the planet's resources remain finite. Time waiting on jammed credit markets stifles necessary development in clean energy. Utilize sector-specific strategies for early-stage firms seeking seed capital or general venture funding. Achieving sound growth in a period of financial malaise isn't easy. It can be done.

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