Hookah History and How To Guide

Step-By-Step Guide to Using a Hookah


Step One: Put enough water into the base of your hookah to submerge the tip of the stem.

Hookah filled with Tobacco

Step Two: Fill the head of your hookah with tobacco.

Hookah head covered in foil

Step Three: Cover the head on your hookah with foil. Poke a few small holes into the foil.

Coal heating up

Step Four: Put the coal on a hot burner until it begins to crackle and turn red. Always use tongs when handling the coal.

Hot Coal on Hookah

Step Five: Using the tongs, place the hot coal on top of the perforated foil wrapped around the head of your hookah.

Ready to Smoke Hookah

Step Six: Plug one end of your hose into your hookah. Enjoy.

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