Hookah History and How To Guide

To Fit In With Experienced Hookah Smokers...

  • Never light a cigarette using the charcoal. It is considered rude among hookah smokers.
  • Hold the hookah hose with your right hand. In some countries, the left hand is considered unclean.
  • Hold the stem with the mouthpiece toward you and the hose connection toward the person next to you when passing the hose.
  • Occasionally, use the tongs to tap the charcoal in the tray to knock off ash and keep the coal hot.
  • When using a multi-hose hookah, people not smoking should plug their mouthpiece to prevent those smoking from sucking in air.
  • This should be obvious, but some people have to be told. Do not blow smoke into the faces of other hookah smokers.
  • To indicate that you are finished smoking, wrap the hose around the stem.
  • Most importantly, smoking hookah is not a competition. It's meant to be enjoyed, so relax and take it slow.

Sources: Hookah City Hookah Culture

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