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Gearing Up.
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Always bring chairs for all the people in your group. Beyond that there are several other things to consider when you're choosing what to bring along. What will you do if it rains? Many people who are at the front of Black Friday lines bring tents. While we normally think of tents as a place to sleep when in the outdoors, they often serve a greater purpose as rain shelter. With the bright lights around the store and the constant noise of the crowd (not to mention the excitement) it is hard to get sleep while in line. Be well rested when you get there if possible.

                Even in Southern states late November nights can be chilly, be sure that you wear plenty of layers. Check the weather for the city you’re going to be in so you know what to expect.

McDonald's, Waffle House and possibly other fast food restaurants are open Thanksgiving evening, but they usually close before retailers open their doors. You may want to bring some extra food and drinks along with you to hold you over in-between. If you are alone, you will definitely want to bring your own snacks. Often you can make friends with the people around you and they will hold your spot in line, but it is best to not count that and end up sandwiched between grumps.

                Finally, be sure to bring some entertainment. A good book can go a long way towards making a 10 hour wait less excruciating. You can often while away the time talking to people your next to, but again don't count on it.