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What Deals Can I Get?

For students on a budget, Black Friday is a great chance to purchase prohibitively expensive electronics, such as laptops and digital cameras. Other products that are commonly given as gifts, or that are associated with the holidays, are on sale as well. This includes clothes, DVDs and CDs, home improvement items, and toys.
                Often it is hard to find specific, less popular brands on sale. Also, some companies control the prices on their products. Apple, for instance, only allows retailers to discount their laptops and music players by small amounts and usually by handing out free gift cards. If you’re looking for a Macbook on Black Friday the effort is likely not worth the reward.

                The basic information in this guide will apply to any Black Friday shopping experience, regardless of what you’re looking for. However, there will be a special focus on electronics. If you are interested in some other specific items check out the "Interesting Links" section to find out more information about those.